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Lotus Notes Compared

6 Differences Between Lotus Notes Email and Other Platforms

When Lotus Notes was first designed, it was intended to be a collaborative application platform, with email merely one of the possible applications that could be utilised. Additionally, while some email clients have been created purely to run on Windows operating systems, the Notes client was designed so that it could run on many platforms, including Windows, Mac, Desktop UNIX, Linux and more. Because of these two factors, there are some significant differences from Lotus Notes to Outlook and other email clients. In this article, we’ll look at these in greater detail.

1. Simpler text formatting

In Lotus Notes, properties dialog boxes for text formatting, hyperlinks and other rich-text information are able to stay open after a user makes changes to selected text. This has the obvious benefit that further formatting can be carried out on snippets of text without having to select it all over again and open a new dialog box. Most Windows applications require the user to close the dialog, select new text and then open the dialog all over again.

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