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Migrating from Lotus Notes

Transferring Lotus Notes to Outlook

How do you transfer Lotus Notes to Outlook where only one PC has Lotus Notes installed and the other only Outlook?

As a prerequisite you must have NSF to PST conversion software. That is Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion software that is able to convert NSF to PST files (Lotus Notes databases to Outlook Personal Folder Files).

Applications that read or write to IBM Lotus Notes data must have the Lotus Notes client installed so your NSF to PST software will also require Lotus Notes to be installed.

Lotus Notes is a proprietary and complex format that is constantly changing.  There are no readers or viewers available from anyone to read Lotus Notes. IBM does however allow it to be read via a Lotus Notes API that comes with the Lotus Notes client. In other words you must at least have the Lotus Notes client installed to be able to read it.
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10 Ways to Migrate Notes to SharePoint

When migrating from Lotus Notes to SharePoint there are many different paths you can take. It’s important that you get this process right, as any errors in migration can be highly disruptive and costly to your business. In this article, we list 10 ways to migrate your Lotus Notes applications to Microsoft SharePoint.

1. Standard Lists Migration

When SharePoint was designed it came with many templates that were designed to perform the same job as a large number of Lotus Notes’ most frequently used standard application templates. These include discussion databases, task lists, calendars, contact lists and more. While the interfaces are known to differ slightly, the basic functionality remains much the same.

2. Custom Lists Migration

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