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Cloudless Outlook for Mac users

Everything is moving to the cloud — with the exception of Outlook for Mac, which in terms of sync support, has barely a cloud in sight. The cloud is supposed to allow you to store your data and have it accessible to you from any computer, anywhere. When it comes to syncing email, Outlook loves the cloud. But when it comes to syncing other data that users create and store in Outlook, the program falls well short for Mac users. Outlook Mac’s calendar won’t talk to Google or iCloud, even though Mac’s own calendar program can talk to both. Outlook’s notes feature lacks support for syncing to iOS and Android and contacts can’t seem to easily talk to Google, iCloud or even to Microsoft’s new site. Tasks also feels stuck without sync. So while, for example, it’s possible to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook, it’s a potentially frustrating outcome for Outlook users that barriers exist in terms of moving that information to the cloud.


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