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Are Desktop Email Clients Better Than Webmail?

While software like Postbox, Sparrow and Lotus Notes are doing interesting things in the world of desktop email, other traditional players such as Thunderbird have recently announced that they won’t be developing for the area any more. This begs the question, is desktop email dying in the face of web mail client domination? Or is desktop email software, with all its bells and whistles, still the way forward? There is no definitive answer to this question. Each have their own advantages. Desktop email clients are always going to be a better option for those who have many email addresses and who wish to access them all in one interface. It’s also important if you want to have access to emails while you’re offline; you can’t get this with a web-based solution. Compatibility is always going to be an issue, however; in order to go from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook, for example, you’ll need to convert NSF to PST.


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