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Google to Give Postini the Flick

Google is to switch off its spam filtering and email archiving product, Postini. It will shift many of its Postini users to Google Apps, which also includes Postini’s features. Apps is Google’s cloud office suite that includes email, calendars and documents. Google has integrated Postini’s security features into Apps. Postini customers who sign on for Apps will still be able to use it with Exchange and Lotus Notes, so naturally they will be able to view Lotus Notes attachments. And they will also get Gmail thrown into the mix. But Google said it won’t force users to switch to Apps or Gmail. Even after the transition, customers will be welcome to continue using the email security features (for the same price) with their on-premise email systems such as Exchange or Lotus Notes. “We’re helping customers make a successful transition first, and then we’re dealing with winding down support for Postini as a standalone product,” Google said.


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