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Military Moves to Virtual Desktop Technology

Australia’s Department of Defence (DoD) is set to adopt virtual desktop technology. The move is part of a huge project to improve data access, normalise the military’s use of mobile devices and reinvent its use of computers. The adoption of Citrix Systems’ virtual desktop technology is an ambitious solution to the DoD’s need to enforce separation between information of different classifications. Another huge benefit of virtual desktops will be meeting the expectations of staff demanding to work from their own smartphones, tablets and laptops. Data is never actually transferred to a mobile device, so it remains protected no matter what happens to the device. The Sharepoint collaboration platform has been trialled for compressing and efficiently delivering information to field staff even in areas with poor wireless coverage. It appears that in the Lotus Notes Sharepoint choice, the latter is seen as being more effective in tagging content by classification — ensuring data can be exchanged without inadvertently mixing, say, unclassified and restricted information.


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