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Navigate the Cloud with Office 2013

Microsoft’s Office 2013 could mark a new wave in cloud computing thanks to the in-built features in the upgraded Office system. Although Microsoft has not announced pricing for the product yet, the upgrade of the Windows system to Windows 8 Pro should only cost approximately $40 to upgrade directly from the Microsoft website. All Office 2013 documents will be saved on SkyDrive where users can log in with their Windows ID. The data stored in the programme is free unless any additional data needs to be uploaded onto the cloud, in which case there will be a charge.  The new and improved Office Suite should allow for users to be able to connect their tablets, mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers through SkyDrive and seamlessly interact with other users.  To completely enjoy the benefits of cloud storage, Lotus Notes users will need to convert their email files from nsf to pst to interact through Outlook.


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