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Outlook a Double Jab at Google

Microsoft’s new email service,, has been hailed as a one-two punch against major rival Google. The updated service, which is to replace Hotmail, features a big redesign that allows accounts to be synchronised across a range of devices, and includes integration with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But Microsoft is also hoping its new service will attract many who currently use Google’s Gmail service. Hotmail still has more users than Gmail, although the gap is closing. And Microsoft wants to maintain that lead, if not expand it. But it has been tipped Microsoft’s new email platform will also help to draw attention and act as a springboard into the company’s emerging cloud offerings. A revamped should help Microsoft convince more users to add cloud functionality to their current Microsoft Office installations Attracting more users to may also see an increase in demand for Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion.


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