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Articles Represents Massive Hotmail Upgrade represents a massive upgrade to what was previously known as Hotmail. It has been one of the most popular free email tools on the web for years, but had seen little in the way of upgrades. The first feature that sets Outlook apart is unlimited storage. The system also integrates social networks, giving you access to contacts from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr. And you can chat to your friends from the system itself, rather than having to visit these different sites. You can also access MS Office Apps. You can open and edit files from within the browser, similar to the Google Docs system, and you can also access Skype from within the browser itself. There has been criticism that some of the features in Outlook don’t work as expected, but overall the reception has been reasonably positive. It will be interesting to see whether there is an increase in people choosing to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook as a result.


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