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Social Software Adding to Productivity

Technology — and in particular social collaboration software — is being credited with the significant increase in contingent workers. Social collaboration can make everyone a little bit more productive each day, by helping them find the right contact, learn how to do something or get an answer to their question faster than ever before — and often in a more dynamic way. It also helps break down organisational silos and helps teams work more effectively across departments or regions. The social collaboration software market was a $600 million industry in 2010, but it has been estimated it will reach $6.4 billion in 2016. Social collaboration software has potential to enhance communication both with employees and customers. It encompasses all the major tools that are used daily, including to-do lists, live chat, calendars, task management, people and project discovery, social accountability and cloud-based storage. It can sidestep the need for email migration as, for example, writers can edit work collaboratively rather than communicating through a mass of emails and phone calls.


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